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ABOUT ARLENE Stained Glass

Arlene Stained Glass and Door Co. was founded in 1991. We have since grown from a small, localized company to become a nationwide wholesale manufacturer and importer. With over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space, Arlene Stained Glass and Door is currently one of the largest manufacturers of decorative glass panels and doors in Texas.

The largest use of our glass panels are in residential doors. These glass panels are produced in a variety of sizes and glass textures with brass, zinc, lead or black patina art glass glazing bars (came). The company offers a wide variety of colors, designs and glass types to meet a clients’ specific needs. Glass panels are available as single glaze 1/4″ leaded glass or as triple glazed 5/8”” to 1″” insulated glass. We also provide standard mahogany doors and safety glass along with custom glass work from designs or sketches provided by the customer. We are able to provide any custom door type combined with a standard or custom glass panel designs.

The company also sells these products to distributors who resell to home builders. Customers are welcome to visit our show room, view samples and buy direct.